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A History of the World in 6 Glasses


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All through human historical past, sure drinks have executed rather more than simply quench thirst. As Tom Standage relates with authority and appeal, six of them have had a surprisingly pervasive affect on the course of historical past, changing into the defining drink throughout a pivotal historic interval. A Historical past of the World in 6 Glasses tells the story of humanity from the Stone Age to the twenty first century by way of the lens of beer, wine, spirits, espresso, tea, and cola. Beer was first made within the Fertile Crescent and by 3000 B.C.E. was so vital to Mesopotamia and Egypt that it was used to pay wages. In historic Greece, wine turned the primary export of her huge seaborne commerce, serving to unfold Greek tradition overseas. Spirits akin to brandy and rum fueled the Age of Exploration, fortifying seamen on lengthy voyages and oiling the pernicious slave commerce. Though espresso originated within the Arab world, it stoked revolutionary thought in Europe in the course of the Age of Cause, when coffeehouses turned facilities of mental change. And tons of of years after the Chinese language started ingesting tea, it turned particularly fashionable in Britain, with far-reaching results on British overseas coverage. Lastly, although carbonated drinks have been invented in 18th-century Europe, they turned a Twentieth-century phenomenon, and Coca-Cola specifically is the main image of globalization. For Tom Standage, every drink is a unique sort of know-how, a catalyst for advancing tradition by which he demonstrates the intricate interaction of various civilizations. You could by no means take a look at your favourite beverage the identical approach once more.