Download Audiobook A Primate’s Memoir: A Neuroscientist’s Unconventional Life Among the Baboons by Robert Sapolsky in English

A Primate's Memoir: A Neuroscientist’s Unconventional Life Among the Baboons


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“I had by no means deliberate to turn into a savanna baboon once I grew up; as a substitute, I had all the time assumed I might turn into a mountain gorilla,” writes Robert Sapolsky on this witty and riveting chronicle of a scientist’s coming-of-age in distant Africa. An exhilarating account of Sapolsky’s twenty-one-year research of a troop of rambunctious baboons in Kenya, A Primate’s Memoir interweaves critical scientific observations with wry commentary in regards to the challenges and pleasures of residing within the wilds of the Serengeti-for man and beast alike. Over 20 years, Sapolsky survives culinary atrocities, gunpoint encounters, and a surreal kidnapping, whereas witnessing the encroachment of the vacationer mentality on the farthest vestiges of unspoiled Africa. As he conducts unprecedented physiological analysis on wild primates, he turns into ever extra enamored of his topics – distinctive and compelling characters in their very own proper – and he returns to them summer season after summer season, till tragedy lastly prevents him. By turns hilarious and poignant, A Primate’s Memoir is a magnum opus from one in every of our foremost science writers.