Download Audiobook Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation by Pete Hegseth in English

Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation


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Early within the twentieth century, Progressives quietly remodeled America’s faculties. 100 years later, they’ve succeeded past their wildest hopes. Behind a smokescreen of “getting ready college students for the brand new industrial financial system,” early progressives had political management in thoughts. America’s authentic faculties didn’t simply make youngsters memorize details or study expertise; they taught them to suppose freely and arrive at knowledge. They assigned the classics, impressed love of God and nation, and raised future residents that modified the world eternally. Right now, after 16,000 hours of Okay-12 indoctrination, our youngsters come out of presidency faculties hating America. They roll their eyes at faith and disdain our historical past. We spend more cash on training than ever, however youngsters can barely learn and write—not to mention motive with discernment. Western tradition is on the ropes. Youngsters are bored and aimless, flailing for goal in a system that claims racial and gender identification is every little thing.Battle for the AmericanMind is the untold story of the Progressive plan to neutralize the premise of our Republic—by eradicating the one ingredient that had sustained Western Civilization for hundreds of years. Pete Hegseth and David Goodwin clarify why, it doesn’t matter what political skirmishes conservatives win, progressives are profitable the warfare—and management the “provide strains” of future residents. Reversing this actuality would require mother and father to radically reorient their youngsters’s training; even most homeschooling and Christian education are infused with progressive assumptions. We’d like to recuperate a misplaced philosophy of training—grounded in advantage and excellence—that may arm future generations to combat for freedom. It’s known as classical Christian training. By no means heard of it? You’re not alone.Battle for the American Thoughts is greater than a e book; it’s a subject information for remaking faculty in the US. We’ve ceded our youngsters’ minds to the left for a lot too lengthy—this e book provides patriotic mother and father the ammunition to affix an insurgency that offers America a combating probability.