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Breathe: A Life in Flow


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From legendary Brazilian jujitsu and MMA grasp Rickson Gracie comes a riveting, insightful memoir that weaves collectively the story of Gracie’s beautiful profession with the bigger historical past of the Gracie household dynasty and the founding of the Final Preventing Championship, exhibiting how the connection between thoughts and physique could be harnessed for achievement each inside and outdoors the ring.Undefeated from the late Seventies by his last struggle within the Tokyo Dome in 2000, Rickson Gracie amassed tons of of victories on the street, on the mat, on the seashore, and within the ring. He has joined the pantheon that features Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan as some of the well-known martial artists of the twentieth century. Jujitsu, the preventing model developed and pioneered by his household, has change into one of many world’s most distinguished martial arts, and Vale Tudo, the “something goes” model of Brazilian road preventing over which the Gracies had a monopoly, was an early precursor to the Final Preventing Championship. Merely put, with out the Gracie household, there could be no sport of “MMA”, no four-billion-dollar UFC empire, and no “Brazilian jujitsu” at strip malls all throughout America.In Breathe, for the primary time, Rickson will share the complete story of how his father and uncles got here to develop jujitsu, what it was wish to develop up amongst a number of generations of world-renowned fighters from the Gracie clan, and the rules and expertise that guided him to his undefeated file. From studying to say himself on the streets of Rio to gaining fame and honor in Japan and rising by heartbreaking tragedy, the martial arts grasp shares tales of overcoming challenges, extolling common virtues and exhibiting listeners how pleasure and ego are the enemies of success. With profound insights into the game and lifestyle that solely a studied legend can present, Breathe is an entertaining and magnified view of an everlasting legacy in addition to an inspiring story of weathering life’s complexities and overcoming them with model and charm.Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.  PLEASE NOTE: If you buy this title, the accompanying PDF can be obtainable in your Audible Library together with the audio.