Download Audiobook Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind by Annaka Harris in English

Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind


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2020 Audie Finalist As concise and enlightening as Seven Temporary Classes on Physics and Astrophysics for Folks in a Hurry, this mind-expanding dive into the thriller of consciousness is an illuminating meditation on the self, free will, and felt expertise. What’s consciousness? How does it come up? And why does it exist? We take our expertise of being on the earth as a right. However the very existence of consciousness raises profound questions: Why would any assortment of matter within the universe be aware? How can we take into consideration this? And why ought to we? On this splendidly accessible audiobook, Annaka Harris guides us by the evolving definitions, philosophies, and scientific findings that probe our restricted understanding of consciousness. The place does it reside, and what offers rise to it? Might it’s an phantasm, or a common property of all matter? As we attempt to perceive consciousness, we should grapple with the way to outline it and, within the age of synthetic intelligence, who or what would possibly possess it. Acutely aware presents full of life and difficult arguments that alter our concepts about consciousness – permitting us to assume freely about it for ourselves, if certainly we are able to.