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Heroes: The Greek Myths Reimagined


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Within the latest installment of the best-selling collection Mythos, legendary writer and actor Stephen Fry strikes from the exploits of the Olympian gods to the deeds of mortal heroes. Perseus. Jason. Atalanta. Theseus. Heracles. Rediscover the thrills, grandeur, and unabashed enjoyable of the Greek myths. Whether or not recounting a young love affair or a heroic triumph, Fry deftly finds resonance with our personal fashionable minds and hearts.¬†Every journey is infused with Fry’s distinctive voice and writing model.Connoisseurs of the Greek myths will admire this fresh-yet-reverential interpretation, whereas newcomers will really feel welcome.¬†Retellings brim with humor and emotion.”Largely Chiron noticed within the youngster, and the younger man he turned, boundless braveness, athleticism, intelligence, and ambition. He noticed too plenty of phrases starting with ‘self’, which gave him pause. Self-belief, self-possession, self-righteousness, self-confidence, self-love. Maybe these traits are as essential to a hero as braveness.”In Heroes, Fry attracts out the humor and pathos in each tender amorous affairs and heroic battles, and divulges every fantasy’s relevance for our personal time.