Download Audiobook How We Learn: Why Brains Learn Better Than Any Machine…for Now by Stanislas Dehaene in English

How We Learn: Why Brains Learn Better Than Any Machine...for Now


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“There are phrases which are so acquainted they obscure quite than illuminate the factor they imply, and ‘studying’ is such a phrase. It appears so peculiar, everybody does it. Really it’s extra of a black field, which Dehaene cracks open to disclose the superior secrets and techniques inside.” (The New York Occasions Ebook Assessment)An illuminating dive into the most recent science on our mind’s outstanding studying skills and the potential of the machines we program to mimic them.The human mind is a unprecedented studying machine. Its potential to reprogram itself is unparalleled, and it stays the very best supply of inspiration for latest developments in synthetic intelligence. However how can we be taught? What innate organic foundations underlie our potential to amass new data, and what rules modulate their effectivity?In How We Study, Stanislas Dehaene finds the boundary of pc science, neurobiology, and cognitive psychology to clarify how studying actually works and tips on how to make the very best use of the mind’s studying algorithms in our colleges and universities, in addition to in on a regular basis life and at any age.