Download Audiobook Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World by Thomas F. Madden in English

Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World


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The primary single-volume historical past of Istanbul in many years: a biography of the town on the middle of civilizations previous and current. For greater than two millennia, Istanbul has stood on the crossroads of the world, perched on the very tip of Europe, gazing throughout the shores of Asia. The historical past of this metropolis – referred to as Byzantium, then Constantinople, now Istanbul – is without delay wonderful, outsized, and astounding. Based by the Greeks, its location blessed it as a middle for commerce but additionally made it a goal of each empire in historical past, from Alexander the Nice and his Macedonian Empire, to the Romans and later the Ottomans. At its most spectacular, Emperor Constantine I re-founded the town as New Rome, the capital of the japanese Roman Empire, and dramatically expanded the town, filling it with creative treasures, and adorning the streets with opulent palaces. Round all of it, Constantine constructed new partitions, actually impregnable, that preserved energy, wealth, and withstood any aggressor – partitions that also stand for vacationers to go to. From its historic previous to the current, we meet the town by way of its abnormal residents – the Jews, Muslims, Italians, Greeks, and Russians who used the well-known baths and walked the bazaars – and the rulers who constructed it up after which destroyed it, together with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the person who christened the town “Istanbul” in 1930. Thomas Madden’s entertaining narrative brings to life the town we see at present, together with the wealthy splendor of the church buildings and monasteries that unfold all through the town. Istanbul attracts on a lifetime of examine and the most recent scholarship, transporting listeners to a metropolis of unparalleled significance and majesty that holds the important thing to understanding trendy civilization. Within the phrases of Napoleon Bonaparte, “If the Earth had been a single state, Istanbul can be its capital.”