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Neck-Deep in It: The World, Book 8


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Logging into The World, Startum Ironwolf and his pals barely flee Palnisdale forward of the Northern Invaders. Their solely likelihood to outlive is to one way or the other keep forward of the orcish horde lengthy sufficient to succeed in the ships ready for them in Darom. An all however inconceivable process with the port metropolis being almost a two-day run away. Someway, Startum should provide you with a method to do the inconceivable or lose the whole lot.WARNING: This can be a GameLit/LitRPG story and incorporates express intimate relations, express violence, express expletives, cussing and swearing, express hacking and slashing, betrayals, pant-wetting, improper use of bikes, basic dashing, polyamory, theft, arson, egg-laying, open relationships, energy leveling, twinking, PVP, ogling of demi-humans, ogling of humanoids, ogling of monsters, PVE, spawn tenting, trespassing, dwarf tossing, mobile phone hacking, account hacking, tried rape, grownup conditions, violations of civilian rights, a dire wolf with an angle, infidelity, bawdy relations with orcs, goblins, trolls, beastkin, gnomes, dwarves, elves, monsters, MMORPG-style violence, allusions to nonconsensual relations, consensual relations, wolves and bears as pets, nudity and nakedness, no bras, bare raids, homicide, tried homicide, atheism, rationalizations, manhandling, decapitations, pirate-on-pirate violence, gossiping, defenestration, sexual harassment, non secular rationalizations, uncommon morals, NPC relations, participant relations, attainable centaur using, stalking, looting, womanizing, mansplaining, bribery, LAN events, fantasy depictions of mages and warriors, extremely risqué fantasy gaming tropes, private rants, assault and battery, stabbings, cannibalism, basic mayhem, particular mayhem, immolations, explosions, siege weapons of mass destruction, existential discussions, controversial matters of sci-fi fandom, real-world intimate relationships, in-game intimate relationships, taking part in the sphere, disrespect for authority, womansplaining, realm invasions, thoughts management fears, bad-tempered marines, conspiracy theories, cohabitation, males taking part in ladies, digital prostitution, exsanguinations, ladies taking part in males, references to science fiction literature and tv, references to gaming, taking part in MMOs for too many hours straight, authorities surveillance, jelly donuts, inappropriate gaming names, participant abuse, interrogations and torture, chest ogling, grocery retailer misconduct, speaking on a cell in public, relational misconduct, magic misconduct, fangs, basic misconduct, voyeurism, making out periods, heavy petting, madness, random violence, promiscuity, werewolves and vampires that prefer to kill, evil trolls and goblins, good orcs and dangerous orcs, an excessive amount of ingesting, dismemberment, abuse of authority, abuse of recognition, electrocutions, freeze blasts, arcane explosions, destruction of property, public indecency, annoying escort quests, rezzing and resurrections, citadel sieging, metropolis ransacking, slavery, raping and pillaging, roleplaying, abuse, loopy ex-girlfriend flashbacks, nutshots and eye poking, the stabbing of personal organs, pick-up teams, fast-moving zombies, attempting to find meals and XP, extreme violence, bareback using, troll hating, tenting, griefing, obstruction of justice, justified vengeance, biting, backstabbing, clawing, trash-talking, open-minded discussions, bitching, close-minded hate, private opinions, and the rest offensive I could have forgotten to say. Hear at your personal threat.