Download Audiobook Not in It to Win It: Why Choosing Sides Sidelines the Church by Andy Stanley in English

Not in It to Win It: Why Choosing Sides Sidelines the Church


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Is it doable to disagree politically and love unconditionally? The response of evangelicals to political and cultural shifts in recent times revealed what they worth most. Lurking beneath our Bible-laced rhetoric, religion claims, books, and sermons is a relentless drive to win!However the church will not be right here to win. By each human measure, our Savior misplaced. On objective. With a objective. And we’re his physique. We aren’t in it to win something. We’re in it for one thing else solely. That one thing else is what this e-book is about.You will uncover:Learn how to take a stand the proper approach. You will discover ways to make your case with a posture of humility and understanding, quite than being fueled by the concern of dropping one thing.Learn how to view politics via the lens of religion. Study curiously, pay attention deliberately, and love unconditionally.How the lifetime of Jesus and his instructing applies to modern-day challenges in a contemporary approach. The “biblical” stand will not be what we have been taught.Jesus by no means requested his followers to agree on all the things. However he did name his followers to obey a brand new command: to like others in the identical approach he has beloved us. As a substitute of asserting our rights or combating for energy, we have to start asking ourselves: What does love require of me?