Download Audiobook Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos by Michio Kaku in English

Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos


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Is our universe dying? Might there be different universes? In Parallel Worlds, world-renowned physicist and best-selling writer Michio Kaku – an writer who “has a knack for bringing probably the most ethereal concepts all the way down to earth” (Wall Road Journal) – takes listeners on an enchanting tour of cosmology, M-theory, and its implications for the destiny of the universe. In his first ebook of physics since Hyperspace, Michio Kaku begins by describing the extraordinary advances which have reworked cosmology during the last century and significantly during the last decade, forcing scientists around the globe to rethink our understanding of the delivery of the universe and its final destiny. In Dr. Kaku’s eyes, we live in a golden age of physics, as new discoveries from the WMAP and COBE satellites and the Hubble house telescope have given us unprecedented photos of our universe in its infancy. As astronomers wade by way of the avalanche of information from the WMAP satellite tv for pc, a brand new cosmological image is rising. To date the main principle in regards to the delivery of the universe is the “inflationary universe principle”, a significant refinement on the massive bang principle. On this principle our universe could also be however one in a multiverse, floating like a bubble in an infinite sea of bubble universes, with new universes being created on a regular basis. A parallel universe might nicely hover a mere millimeter from our personal. The very thought of parallel universes and the string principle that may clarify their existence was as soon as seen with suspicion by scientists, seen because the province of mystics, charlatans, and cranks. However right this moment physicists overwhelmingly help string principle and its newest iteration, M-theory, as it’s this one principle that, if confirmed appropriate, would reconcile the 4 forces of the universe merely and elegantly and reply the query “what occurred earlier than the massive bang?” Already, Kaku explains, the world’s foremost physicists and astronomers are trying to find methods to check the idea of the multiverse utilizing extremely refined wave detectors, gravity lenses, satellites, and telescopes. The implications of M-theory are fascinating and countless. If parallel worlds do exist, Kaku speculates, in time – maybe a trillion years or extra from now, as seems possible – when our universe grows chilly and darkish in what scientists describe as a giant freeze, superior civilizations might nicely discover a method to escape our universe in a type of “interdimensional lifeboat”. An unforgettable journey into black holes and time machines, alternate universes, and multidimensional house, Parallel Worlds provides us a compelling portrait of the revolution sweeping the world of cosmology.