Download Audiobook Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit by Lyanda Lynn Haupt in English

Rooted: Life at the Crossroads of Science, Nature, and Spirit


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This inspiring meditation on the intersection of science, nature, and spirit exhibits listeners deepen their connection to the pure world.In Rooted, cutting-edge science helps a reality that poets, artists, mystics, and earth-based cultures internationally have proclaimed over millennia: Life on this planet is radically interconnected. Our our bodies, ideas, minds, and spirits are affected by the entire of nature, and so they have an effect on this entire in return. On this time of disaster, how can we greatest stay upon our imperiled, beloved earth?Award-winning author Lyanda Lynn Haupt’s extremely private new e-book is a superb invitation to stay with the earth in each easy and profound methods – from strolling barefoot within the woods and reimagining our relationship with animals and timber, to analyzing the very language we use to explain and take into consideration nature. She invokes rootedness as a means of being in live performance with the wilderness – and wildness – that sustains people and all of life.Within the custom of Rachel Carson, Elizabeth Kolbert, and Mary Oliver, Haupt writes with urgency and style, reminding us that on the crossroads of science, nature, and spirit we discover true hope. Every chapter gives instruments for bringing our distinctive presents to the fore and remodeling our sense of belonging inside the magic and surprise of the pure world.