Download Audiobook Something from the Nightside: Nightside Series, Book 1 by Simon R. Green in English

Something from the Nightside: Nightside Series, Book 1


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Taylor is the identify, John Taylor. My card says I am a detective, however what I actually am is an knowledgeable on discovering misplaced issues. It is a part of the present I used to be born with as a baby of the Nightside.I left there a very long time in the past, with my pores and skin and sanity barely intact. Now I make my residing within the sunlit streets of London. However enterprise has been sluggish currently, so when Joanna Barrett confirmed up at my door, reeking of wealth, asking me to seek out her runaway teenage daughter, I did not say no.Then I came upon precisely the place the woman had gone.The Nightside. That sq. mile of Hell in the midst of town, the place it is all the time three a.m. The place you’ll be able to stroll beside myths and drink with monsters. The place nothing is what it appears and every thing is feasible.I swore I would by no means return. However there is a child at risk and a lady relying on me. So I’ve no alternative – I am going dwelling.