Download Audiobook The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War by Malcolm Gladwell in English

The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World War


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In The Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night time of the Second World Conflict, Malcolm Gladwell, writer of New York Occasions finest sellers together with Speaking to Strangers and host of the podcast Revisionist Historical past, makes use of unique interviews, archival footage, and his trademark perception to weave collectively the tales of a Dutch genius and his do-it-yourself pc, a band of brothers in Central Alabama, a British psychopath, and pyromaniacal chemists at Harvard. As listeners hear these tales unfurl, Gladwell examines one of many best ethical challenges in trendy American historical past.Most army thinkers within the years main as much as World Conflict II noticed the airplane as an afterthought. However a small band of idealistic strategists had a special view. This “Bomber Mafia” requested: What if precision bombing might, simply by taking out crucial choke factors – industrial or transportation hubs – cripple the enemy and make conflict far much less deadly?In Revisionist Historical past, Gladwell reexamines moments from the previous and asks whether or not we bought it proper the primary time. In The Bomber Mafia, he employs all of the manufacturing methods that make Revisionist Historical past so participating, stepping again from the bombing of Tokyo, the deadliest evening of the conflict, and asking, “Was it price it?” The assault was the brainchild of Common Curtis LeMay, whose brutal pragmatism and scorched-earth techniques in Japan value 1000’s of civilian lives however could have spared extra by averting a deliberate US invasion.Issues might need gone in a different way had LeMay’s predecessor, Common Haywood Hansell, remained in cost. As a key member of the Bomber Mafia, Hansell’s theories of precision bombing had been foiled by dangerous climate and human error. When he and Curtis LeMay squared off for a management handover within the jungles of Guam, LeMay emerged victorious, resulting in the darkest evening of World Conflict II.The Bomber Mafia is a riveting story of persistence, innovation, and the incalculable wages of conflict.