Download Audiobook The Eye Test: A Case for Human Creativity in the Age of Analytics by Chris Jones in English

The Eye Test: A Case for Human Creativity in the Age of Analytics


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In a world more and more dominated by numbers and algorithms, award-winning journalist Chris Jones makes a compelling case for a extra private strategy to analytical pondering​.The Eye Check is a essential course correction, a name for a extra balanced, private strategy to problem-solving. Award-winning journalist Chris Jones makes the case for the human aspect – for what sensible, practiced, devoted folks can carry to conditions which have proved proof against analytics. Jones shares what he’s realized from a military of extraordinary abilities, together with a few of the finest medical doctors, executives, athletes, meteorologists, magicians, designers, astrophysicists, and detectives on the planet. There are classes of their mastery.In fact, there’s a place for numbers in decision-making. No baseball participant must be judged by his jawline. However the analytics revolution sparked by Michael Lewis’ Moneyball now threatens to interchange one type of absurdity with one other. We now have developed a blind religion within the machine, the way in which a driver overly reliant on his GPS is likely to be led off the sting of a cliff. Not all statistical evaluation is sound. Algorithms aren’t infallible, and spreadsheets aren’t testaments. Belief in them an excessive amount of, they usually danger changing into devices of destruction fairly than understanding.Worse, knowledge’s supremacy in our each day lives has led to a harmful pressure of anti-expertise: the idea that each drawback is a math drawback, and anybody given entry to the precise info will discover the precise reply. That style doesn’t matter, expertise doesn’t matter, creativity doesn’t matter. That we will’t consider our eyes, irrespective of how a lot they’ve seen.The Eye Check serves as a reminder that if magnificence is much less of a advantage within the age of analytics, a superb eye nonetheless is. This e book is a celebration of our biggest beholders – and an absorbing, inspiring information for the way you may change into one, too.