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The Girl Who Drank the Moon


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A younger lady raised by a witch, a swamp monster, and a Completely Tiny Dragon should unlock the harmful magic buried deep inside her on this epic coming-of-age fairy story from the extremely acclaimed creator of The Witch’s Boy. Yearly the folks of the Protectorate go away a child as an providing to the witch who lives within the forest. They hope this sacrifice will preserve her from terrorizing their city. However the witch within the forest, Xan, is type and mild. She shares her house with a clever Swamp Monster named Glerk and a Completely Tiny Dragon, Fyrian. Xan rescues the deserted kids and delivers them to welcoming households on the opposite aspect of the forest, nourishing the infants with starlight on the journey. One 12 months Xan by accident feeds a child moonlight as a substitute of starlight, filling the extraordinary youngster with extraordinary magic. Xan decides she should increase this lady, whom she calls Luna, as her personal. When Luna approaches her thirteenth birthday, her magic begins to emerge on schedule – however Xan is much away. In the meantime, a younger man from the Protectorate is set to free his folks by killing the witch. Quickly it’s as much as Luna to guard those that have protected her – even when it means the top of the loving, secure world she’s at all times identified. The acclaimed creator of The Witch’s Boy has created one other epic coming-of-age fairy story destined to grow to be a contemporary traditional.