Download Audiobook The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future by Gretchen Bakke in English

The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future


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The grid is an accident of historical past and of tradition, by no means intrinsic to how we produce, ship and eat electrical energy. But that is the system america ended up with, a jerry-built construction now so rickety and close to collapse {that a} sturdy wind or a sizzling day can carry it to a grinding halt. The grid is now beneath menace from a brand new supply: renewable and variable vitality, which places stress on its logics as a lot as its elements. In an entertaining, perceptive and deeply researched style, cultural anthropologist Gretchen Bakke makes use of the historical past of an more and more outdated infrastructure to indicate how america has gone from seemingly infinite technological prowess to a land of structural instability. She brings humor and a vivid eye to up to date options and to the customarily shocking methods through which these succeed or fail. And the implications of failure are vital. Our nationwide electrical grid grew throughout an period when monopoly, centralisation and standardisation meant energy. But as we have more and more change into a nation that caters to native wants, and as a plethora of recent renewable vitality sources comes on-line, our large system is dangerously out of step. Charting the historical past of our electrical grid, Bakke helps us see what all of us take without any consideration, reveals it as central to our tradition and identification as a folks and divulges it to be the linchpin in our aspirations for a clean-energy future.