Download Audiobook The Hourglass Throne: The Tarot Sequence, Book 3 by K. D. Edwards in English

The Hourglass Throne: The Tarot Sequence, Book 3


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As Rune Saint John grapples with the challenges of assuming the Solar Throne, a strong barrier seems round New Atlantis’ famed rejuvenation heart. However who may have created such formidable magic…what do they need from the immortality clinic…and what stays of the handfuls trapped inside?Although Rune and his lifelong bodyguard, Model, are tasked with investigating the mysterious barrier, Rune can be busy settling into his new life at court docket. Claiming his father’s throne has irrevocably thrown him into the precarious world of political deception, and he should safe relationships with newfound allies in time to maintain his rising discovered household secure. His relationship along with his lover, Addam Saint Nicholas, raises further political issues they need to navigate. However he and Model quickly uncover that the ability behind the barrier holds a way more insidious, far-reaching menace to his household, to his individuals, and to the world.Now, the rulers of New Atlantis should confront an enemy each new and historic because the movement of time itself is drawn into the battle. And as Rune finds himself inexorably drawn again to the autumn of his father’s court docket and his personal torture by the hands of masked conspirators, the secrets and techniques that he has lengthy guarded will likely be dragged into the sunshine—altering the Solar Throne, and New Atlantis, endlessly.The climax of the primary trilogy within the nine-book Tarot Sequence, The Hourglass Throne delivers epic city fantasy that blends humor, fast-paced motion, and political intrigue.