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The Last Sun


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On this debut novel and collection starter, the final member of a murdered Home searches for a lacking nobleman, and uncovers clues about his personal tortured previous.┬áRune Saint John, the final little one of the fallen Solar Courtroom, is employed to seek for Girl Judgment’s lacking son, Addam, on New Atlantis, the island metropolis the place the Atlanteans moved after peculiar people destroyed their unique residence.┬áTogether with his companion and bodyguard, Model, he questions Addam’s relations and enterprise contacts via the best ranks of the nobles of New Atlantis. However as they examine, they uncover greater than a lacking man: a legendary creature linked to the key of the bloodbath of Rune’s Courtroom. In on the lookout for Addam, can Rune discover the reality behind his household’s dying and the torments of his previous?Cowl design by Nicole Sommer-Lecht/Prometheus Books.