Download Audiobook The Lost Continent: Travels In Small Town America by Bill Bryson in English

The Lost Continent: Travels In Small Town America


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Hardly anybody ever leaves Des Moines, Iowa. However Invoice Bryson did, and after 10 years in England he determined to go residence, to a international nation. In an ageing Chevrolet Chevette, he drove practically 14,000 miles by way of 38 states to compile this hilarious and perceptive state-of-the-nation report on small-town America.From the Deep South to the Wild West, from Elvis’ birthplace by way of to Custer’s Final Stand, Bryson visits locations he re-named Dullard, Coma, and Doldrum (so the residents do not sue or come after him with baseball bats). However his hopes of discovering the American dream finish in a nightmare of greed, ignorance, and air pollution. This can be a wickedly witty and savagely humorous evaluation of a rustic misplaced to itself, and to him.